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Reserve Your Seats Now for the Hottest Fresno Live Entertainment Acts in 2023!

The New Year is right around the corner, and what better gift than to invite your friends and family to join you at The Painted Table for our newest roster of live entertainment set to perform in 2023? These aren’t just any tickets—They are your exclusive pass to a one-of-a-kind, intimate stage experience. Our 170-seat theatre puts you right up in front—No binoculars and Jumbotrons needed. Attend our one-night-only shows and come away with magical memories to last a lifetime.

Our 2023 roster of musicians is beyond compare:

Thursday, January 26th, 8 pm - Laurie Morvan Band!

Just added to our event calendar, get these tickets before they sell out! This show is so hot that Laurie Morvan and her band are returning for their second appearance at the sizzling Painted Table Event Center stage! Laurie’s tight Strat style, cool harmonies, and trippy lyrics are known to enthrall international festival crowds, as she tours with more than 800 shows under her belt. She delivers the goods with a vocal sound like that of Bonnie Raitt and guitar riffs like those of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Add her 5-piece Long Beach California-based band and be prepared to be amazed. 

Get tickets to the show here.

Wednesday, February 15th, 8 pm - The Stick Men!

Get ready to rock it out with band members from King Crimson. Tony Levin lends his hand with his own interpretation of gutsy, bluesy licks on the Chapman Stick, sounding all the world like two guitars played as one. Drummer Pat Mastelotto fires up the beat with his own brand of percussion, loops, and samples. Markus Reuter adds his unique musical twist on a guitar of his own design. Combined you have the recipe for an evening that prog metal and are rock fans adore. Their gritty versions of King Crimson songs by Robert Frip, mixed in with their own versions of unexpected improvisations are not to be missed.

Get tickets here.

These tasty, world-class, live entertainment shows are only happening at The Painted Table Event Center at 5080 North Blackstone Ave. in Fresno. Select your seats before the New Year ends and be guaranteed an awesome time in 2023!

With roots in the Central Valley farmland, award-winning chefs Rodney and Jeromie Hansen created The Painted Table in 2008. As a team, they offer amazing epicurean specialties that are simply unavailable from any other caterer.
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