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How to Select the Best Catering Business for a Flawless Event

When a record label wants the best musicians on their roster, they seek out GRAMMY® nominated and awarded artists from the Recording Academy. When only the best acting talent will do, producers and directors turn to members of the Screen Actors Guild to deliver the performances that could attract Oscar consideration. And when only the highest standards in catering and hospitality will do for your event, turn to the members of the Leading Caterers of America to produce a flawless experience. The Painted Table is the only catering business in the Central Valley to receive this distinction of excellence.

We are proud to join the ranks of this elite membership comprised of nearly sixty of the top caterers in the U.S. and Canada. To become a member, we passed a stringent peer-review process that evaluated our delivery of the entire event experience. Only companies deemed trendsetters in creativity, service, and best business practices in the catering industry are invited to join the prestigious LCA.

 Members of the LCA are the rock stars of the catering industry, working cooperatively with top celebrity chefs worldwide, winning hundreds of industry awards, and frequently spotlighted in press coverage.

What does this mean to you? As members of the LCA, you can trust the brilliant staff of The Painted Table to work in tandem with you to create the event of your dreams. We master the flavor and visual palette to please you and your guests, going beyond the expected. We’re not just a catering business—We’re an event design company displaying food like works of art and interweaving the menu selections to fit your theme, style, and entertainment. We’re known for our legendary craft services that cater to groups that top 3000, and we’re also known for creating magic for small, intimate affairs. Open the door to an amazing, immersive event experience featuring creative, elevated cuisine.

Unbeatable service goes hand-in-hand with our delectable menu items. Beginning with a personal consultation with our professional in-house event producers and chefs, The Painted Table team masters every detail of your event. Witness your event materialize before your very eyes—Share your ideas with us, and we’ll flawlessly execute the blueprint for dazzling your colleagues, friends, and loved ones. We take care of every detail for you.

Of course, the food is a highlighted centerpiece. We specialize in fresh, one-of-a-kind farm-to-table ingredients. Our locally sourced delicacies never languish over boring chaffing dishes. From the moment our guests arrive, they leave the outside world behind to savor perfectly executed morsels of delight displayed like fine works of art according to your chosen theme. Take a tour through our extensive online gallery, and your mouth will water.

The Painted Table received induction into the LCA in 2018 on the heels of our 2015 Best Catering Award by the California Restaurant Association and our 2017 Best Signature Caterer for a Special Event Award (honoring our Underground Supper Club experiences) from the International Caterers Association (the CATIE Award). Learn more about the story of how the Painted Table’s roots grew to international recognition.

Our elevated cuisine inspires our peers and colleagues in the catering industry. Let it inspire you, too. Leave the catering and event planning to the award-winning team at The Painted Table. Contact us at (559) 443-7199 to get started.

With roots in the Central Valley farmland, award-winning chefs Rodney and Jeromie Hansen created The Painted Table in 2008. As a team, they offer amazing epicurean specialties that are simply unavailable from any other caterer.
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