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Go the Extra Mile and Cover That Smile!

Top celebrities are doing it, and so is The Painted Table, as we continue to serve up the best catering in Fresno:

Even actress Mindy Kalling got on board the #MetMaskChallenge and created her own mask, using Jared Leto’s Gucci red carpet look.

Yes, you can be stylin’ while you cover that smile, too!

We’re spreading the word that the health of our distinctive guests and our elite staff is #1. We care about you, and we care about continuing to serve you the unique artistry of our splendid cuisine.

As Matthew McConaughey said in his 4th of July Instagram address, to make a collective change: “That’s how we get to next year’s birthday and birthdays beyond that. And we start partying again…” The Painted Table is on board. Are you?

We’re going the extra mile to cover our smiles, just for the time being. We’re washing our hands every 20 minutes for 20 seconds, we’re sanitizing and disinfecting frequently-touched surfaces, and we’re doing the 6+ feet of social distancing thing as we artfully bow and wave hands to greet you, instead of shaking your hand. All the while, we are donning smiles behind our masks. You can see it in our eyes!

We're supplying our valued vendors with PPE kits.
That's right. We want to be certain that everyone we partner & collaborate with remains safe.

Won’t you join us? Bring on your party glam, dress with elegant sophistication, or kick back in cool casual wear. But make sure you dress for this summer the season in the hottest fashion trend among the top celebrities, and among our award-winning event production and culinary dream team members: don a nondescript or fashion-forward mask. Go the extra mile and cover that smile, just for a while.

We can’t wait to see you! Our event production design team is looking forward to helping you plan the catering and all the extras for your upcoming shindig at 559-443-7199. Or send us an email request to get the ball rolling.

With roots in the Central Valley farmland, award-winning chefs Rodney and Jeromie Hansen created The Painted Table in 2008. As a team, they offer amazing epicurean specialties that are simply unavailable from any other caterer.
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