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Events and Catering

Oriental cuisine with pork, pepper, paprika and vegetables

Created from the finest ingredients

from Asian-inspired flavors to classic, All-American dishes, we're preparing food your guests will remember.

Port Braised Beef Short Ribs

The entree clients ask for again & again. Premuim Beef Short Ribs are slow braised in Ficklin Vineyards Tinta Port wine and herbs & spices - this selection is sure to please. (pictured)


Mini Beef Wellingtons

Stuffed with duck pate, mushroom duxell, gorgonzola, filet mignon, wrapped in a puff pastry, and served with horseradish cream. (pictured)


Mini Blue Cheese Sliders - (70%American Wagu Kobe and 30% organic sirloin)

Bite-size Kobe beef burgers, topped with blue cheese, apple wood smoked bacon, and our Signature Arugula Aioli.

Substitutions: onion marmalade, chipotle cheddar, sage cheddar

Please ask for current substitutions.


Chicken Satays

Marinated in coconut milk, turmeric, red curry, brown sugar or palm sugar, served with peanut dipping sauce.


Bacon Wrapped Italian Plums

Dried Italian plums, wrapped with smoked bacon and stuffed with a smoked almond.


Mini Flank Steak Tacos  

Mini folded tortillas with a nest of chipotle lime marinated flank steak, served with sour cream, cilantro, and red bell pepper.


Grilled Herbed Baby Lamb Chops (Signature Dish)

Rosemary, lavender, garlic and turbinado sugar rubbed, lollipop-sized lamb chops, served with Chef Rod's Argentinean Chimmi Churri Sauce. Marinated to your liking — 12 to 24 hrs depending on how sweet you want them to be.


Signature Filet Mignon Pizza

Thin crust pizza with balsamic onions, blue cheese, wild mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, topped with a slice of filet mignon and drizzled with a poached pear balsamic reduction. Served fresh out of the oven.


Asian Pork Meatballs

Tossed in Mai Ploy placed in a wonton cup filled with coconut rice and cilantro.


Greek Meatballs

Made with ground lamb and beef — turkey can be substituted. Lemon, garlic, mint, and fresh oregano, served with herbed Greek yogurt.


Pulled Pork Sliders

Pork shoulder slow-cooked for at least 14 hours, served on a sweet bun with coleslaw.

Substitute: blue cheese coleslaw for an additional charge.


Black Pepper and Garlic Chicken Wings

Marinated for 24hrs in soy, honey, pepper, and lots of garlic, then oven roasted.


Cumin Lamb Skewers

Smoky, spicy, and served with a cooling lemon yogurt sauce.


Empanadas (three bites)

Small, bite-sized pie crusted meat pockets. Goucho Style or Sweet and Savory Style.

Goucho = Beef, hardboiled eggs, garlic and spices

Sweet and Savory = Beef, cherries, pine nuts.


Mini Duck Burgers

Served with Shitake mushrooms, ketchup, and a Chinese-style mustard.

Entrees to satisfy any taste - here's a sample of our menu items:

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